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A Voice for the Voiceless

Awhile back one of the local television stations did a puff piece on the Santa Ana police department new initiative to aid the police in dealing with the homeless population of Orange County. After watching it I decided that it was remarkably unfair to the homeless.  Let me say this upfront, this is not a […]

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Santa Ana Soaps

I cannot wait for the 3rd anniversary of Laundry Love Santa Ana. I hope to see each and every one of you there. Please bring snacks and drinks to share and lots of friends. Our anniversary parties are always pretty big fun parties and a great way to get your friends connected. If you are […]

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Time to Cheer!

Three years ago a small but intrepid group of people met at an unassuming laundromat to share their love through the medium of laundry. Today, that group is still going strong and this September marks our THREE year anniversary party! I can’t believe it has been three whole years since we started this thing and […]

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Don’t Call it Like it Is

At what point does poverty and homelessness reach a breaking point in a society? When does it reach critical mass? There is no clear cut line of when we reach this point but many nonprofits believe we are on the verge of it. Here are some disturbing facts about Orange County and poverty taken from […]

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Mario's Story

Mario’s Story

Mario has been a regular Laundry Love Santa Ana attendee for a couple of years now. I sat down with him in June to talk about his time on the streets and at the laundromat.

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The Perfect Crime

Here is another story I heard about life on the streets at Laundry Love.  Another one of our regulars, Lauren, is homeless and lives around the court house area.  When I asked her how she was doing she seemed worried.  I asked her what happened and she told me that a few weeks ago couple […]

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A Nice Clean Blanket

Wanted to give another shout out to all are awesome Laundry Love Santa Ana volunteers for faithfully supporting us every month! You guys are great and we couldn’t do it without you and to show you that your labors aren’t in vain I wanted to share you this story I heard. Brian and Lisa came […]

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…and we’re back!

So not quite everything is back but the site is back online. There are still a few features that are a bit buggy or missing but we wanted to be sure that all of you were able to have a place to send your friends who want to learn more or donate. All of our […]

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