Get Involved

There are lots of ways you can help.

Our biggest need right now is for people to volunteer to help with the operational needs of the events themselves. Please consider coming out with your church group, civic club or coworkers to help run an event. Contact us with questions.

Monthly giving to provide everything a family needs each month at our event is a huge help. We need quarters, powdered laundry soap, dryer sheets and volunteers.  Gift cards to Sam’s Club or Costco are always welcome as they are easier to store than boxes of soap.

We would like to partner with organizations who would like to offer services and intakes for their services.

If you can coordinate snacks or drinks for around 100 people or so, we would love for you to do that as well.

While we prefer to have you come out and join us at one of our events, we understand that some are unable to so. We would still love for you to be able to support us through donations.

More than anything, we need warm friendly people who want to listen, care for and help the poor and hurting.

Volunteers to arrive and park near 406 East Santa Ana Blvd at 7:30pm for a brief orientation and stay 15 minutes after for an debrief.

To volunteer, come out on the 3rd Thursday of every month or sign up for our mailing list.  Here are some additional resources if you are still looking to connect:

NPO’s, Social Service Agencies, Churches looking to partner or for Media Inquiries contact:

Scott Overpeck